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How Long Do Wisdom Teeth Take to Recover?

wisdom teeth removal cost needs to be done very precisely. It will be best if you get it eliminated by experienced dental surgeons. Dental surgeons are able to extract teeth safely and more accurately. Sometimes patients may experience high bleeding or low blood pressure or other complications. So, you should always get tooth extractions from dental surgeons.

There is no specific age of dental extraction although it may seem more traumatic at youth. You can get wisdom tooth extraction when roots are in the development stage because the procedure will go smoother.

After the extraction of wisdom teeth, it is important to take care of them and to follow all the instructions given by the surgeon. When the impression of local anesthetic gets over, you may feel the tooth pain and it can be unbearable for some people. You can follow some steps to ease the symptoms of the pain such as you can keep a moist cloth in the area of extraction or keeping a firm bite on the area can stop the bleeding and reduce the pain. Also, ensure to take the prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection and pain.

How long do wisdom teeth take to heal?

Whenever a wisdom tooth extraction procedure takes place, it leaves a temporary hole in its place. The healing time depends on several factors such as the size of the tooth and the type of the extraction. The answer to the question “how long does it take for wisdom teeth to heal?” may vary as it is difficult to determine the exact time. Sometimes it can take a few weeks to several months.

Healing wisdom tooth hole time depends on the type of extraction you’ve gone through:

There are two kinds of tooth extraction procedures.

Simple extraction

Simple tooth extractions are performed on visible teeth, those who have already grown through your gums. These teeth need extraction due to infection, crowding, severe tooth decay, etc.

If there are several roots of the tooth that is being extracted, it can take more time to heal. You will notice the hole close by the end of the third week but the total healing time of the hole may take multiple months. A wisdom tooth hole from a simple extraction can take about seven days to close and heal.

Surgical extraction

The procedure is more complex so healing time can be longer compared to a simple extraction. Oral surgeons cut the bone and tissues below the gumline while performing the surgical procedures. Since it is a surgical extraction, it may take about six weeks to heal the tooth hole fully. But the indentation healing may take several more months to heal completely.

After wisdom teeth extraction, it is important to avoid hard, chewy, hot, or spicy food because it may be stuck in the socket of the tooth and cause irritation in the wound. Moreover, don’t brush or spit during the first twenty-four hours after the surgery as it can exaggerate the severe pain in the extracted area.

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