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Can Invisalign Treatment Help In Treating Missing teeth?

People with missing teeth can get braces to restore their smiles. Braces are a great solution for people with missing teeth. Braces not only can close wide gaps but can leave appropriate space for the replacement, if required.  

Causes Of Missing Teeth: 

You will be surprised to know that about twenty percent of adults will be suffering from missing teeth including second molars and upper lateral incisors. This can be a genetic disorder.

  • Gum disease (Gingivitis)
  • Extensive tooth decay
  • Gum infection 

These above-mentioned teeth disorders can cause tooth loss. The questions that normally arise in our minds regarding braces are “where can I get braces near me” or “where to get braces near me”, or “who does braces near me”, visit Miami shores orthodontist to clear your all doubts regarding the treatment. 

Missing Teeth Can Cause Various Oral Problems including; 

When you have missing teeth, your smile may look defective causing the need to replace them as soon as possible. Although, missing teeth can cause various health problems whether the missing teeth are hidden in the back or in the front affecting your smile.   

People with missing teeth may suffer from jaw atrophy that can occur around the missing teeth gap. When people are biting or chewing food, a force is exerted by the jawbone that force helps maintain the jawbone’s strength. When you have a missing tooth, the jaw won’t receive the required stimulation to maintain bone density. In any case, if teeth are lost from the back upper jaw, your sinus cavity may start to expand resulting in jaw bone erosion.   

Braces With Missing Teeth: 

Sometimes, braces may simply close the gaps caused by the missing tooth. This situation is

more likely to happen with patients who already have overcrowded teeth significantly. 

When your current oral condition requires both dental implants and orthodontics, your dentist may recommend the braces on a prior basis.  Since an implant is added to your jaw, it can't move like a regular tooth. The titanium anchor does not involve ligaments that allow for tooth realignment. The orthodontist first makes a fixed space in order to reserve a restoration space to fix or secure the placeholder. Invisalign braces north Miami beach can be the best option to treat missing teeth problems.


Invisalign Treatment: 

Invisalign treatment can be the treatment option to improve the patients’ smiles and self-esteem. The reason behind it is that Invisalign braces help to shift the nearby teeth in the right position to provide more space for the replacement teeth. This will offer proper alignment of the teeth. If your teeth are not properly aligned, you may need various kinds of treatments including dental crowns, fillings, and many more.  Moreover, properly aligned teeth don’t have enough room for the growth of bacteria, therefore you can prevent tooth decay. 

Visit an orthodontist North Miami beach for Invisalign: 

When you have decided to have Invisalign treatment for your missing teeth problem, first consult your dentist to determine whether you are suitable for the treatment or not. Once you have made the decision, your dentist will fix Invisalign trays to your teeth. This indicates that even if you have missing teeth, still the invisible aligners will be designed exactly to fit you. Make an appointment with your best orthodontist for braces for the consultation and step ahead toward a new brand smile.

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